Where to Get a Loan in Manchester

Manchester – I named this article after an old Aretha Franklin song (1985 in fact) because as I researched it, on the internet, that title just came to me. The song, in its original context, is about a relationship in which one party appears to be getting over on another party (hence the subtitle). The reason I’m giving you all this background is because my article is about two different types of deception. Misleading people into thinking they’re signing a petition that is about protecting their rights (and it isn’t) and passing off signatures of homeless people as if they were registered voters so the special interest people, the payday lenders as well as the petition company’s that they pay, have enough signatures to get this issue on the ballot so by election time they’ll have enough time to con the people into lifting the interest cap (28%) off payday loans so they can go right back to charging them 391 %. Sounds like like a hot mess, huh? Well you’re right, it is a hot mess.
Now I’m not about to get self righteous or sanctimonious, because I, by my own admission, have been caught in the web of the cash to your door cycle mainly because of that dreadful need to rob Peter to pay Paul. And while I certainly take full responsible for putting my own self in that bind (trying to provide for my family, you know) I don’t know that I would say that I needed to have anyone to fight for my right to be ripped off to the tune of 319% or fight for my right to continue to mismanage my finances. What I needed and still do was rehab. I saw one of the commercials promoting this bill, to the tune of ” If I want go be ripped off then don’t take that right away from me” (not those words exactly, but I’m paraphrasing). It’s almost like a drug addict saying “So what if I’m killing myself, by gum let me do it, it’s my God given right to.” Now let’s be real, the payday lenders don’t give a hoot about my right to borrow money anymore than a man on the moon, they just don’t want to lose the people’s hard earned green backs.

Just like my substance abusing friends, I was hardly an innocent victim in the destruction of my finances. So I would hardly say I need someone to protect my rights in that arena.

Now for the rest of the story, there’s been talk about dishonesty gathering signatures for this petition. Hmmm, deja vu. I remember those same accusations during my signature gathering days when I gathered names for the “common sense” smoking legislation that was supposed to give us the right to fill our lungs will cigarette smoke whenever we wanted to. Not to be Judas to the petition company that I worked for (love y’all) however, not matter how I personally felt about the petition itself (non-smoker for life). I was honest with everyone I asked for signatures, even if it meant I wouldn’t get as many names (I was paid by the amount of signatures I got), my conscience wouldn’t allow me to lie to them. You can’t “whore me out” for $1.50 per name. Now, I’m not calling signature gatherers whores

because I’m proud of my little stint as one. I sign their petitions because I know what it like to walk around in the hot sun gathering names (and everyone isn’t that nice) and I know everyone isn’t lying to me . Plus I also know I can vote against it once it makes the ballot if I change mind and don’t like it. However, when someone says they’re protecting my right to do something, I want to be sure it something I really want protected. I don’t want the right, as a female, to walk around shirtless (another hot topic from way back), ruin myself financially, smoke or take in second hand smoke, or harm my unborn baby with drugs. So, Who’s zooming you? Think about it. Selah.