Windows 10 and 10 S options are coming for the Surface Laptop and Surface...

Three weeks to the day after launching the Surface Laptop, Microsoft is back with the latest version of its laptop replacement, the Surface Pro. The company says...

Rachel Lindsay deserves more than ‘whaboom’ guy on ‘The Bachelorette,’ but so do we

Image: Salangsang/BFA/REX/Shutterstock If the tickle monster, a strange doll, and acoustic guitars during the first episode of Rachel Lindsay's historic season is an indication of what is...

The coded gaze: biased and understudied facial recognition technology

Rod McCullom at Undark has a terrific overview of the perpetual "virtual lineup," where half of all American adults "are enrolled in unregulated facial recognition networks used...

This cosplay mask fights pollution too

It's a ubiquitous sight in cities like Beijing: pedestrians walking under a thick blanket of smog with their faces obscured by flimsy cloth face masks. These masks...

Elon Musk’s Twitter feed is the one you need to pay attention to

When you hear about Twitter these days, chances are it's because of the latest dispatches from our bombastic, erratic Tweeter-in-Chief, Donald J. Trump. The President's use of...

We're in Manchester where armed police are on the streets following Monday night's suicide bombing.

The terror threat level in the UK has been raised to critical for the first time in almost a decade - meaning an attack is imminent.

Post your comments and questions to Ciara Riordan at Manchester Piccadilly station for us now.
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Join the Iraqi army as they fly above Mosul, fighting the militants of the so-called Islamic State. This extraordinary BBC footage allows you to join the pilots in the sky. Turn your sound on to hear BBC World Service journalist Joe Inwood describe what you are seeing. This is a 360 video so move your phone or mouse to get the full experience. ... See MoreSee Less

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Watch the defiant message that poet Tony "Longfella" Walsh delivered at the vigil for the victims of the #ManchesterAttack

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